Squatter Donald Macintosh little realises what chain of events he is setting in motion when he orders the violent dispersal of the Nerambura tribe on his property, Glen View. Unwitting witnesses to the barbaric exercise are bullock teamsters Patrick Duffy and his son Tom.

Meanwhile, in thriving Sydney Town, Michael Duffy and Fiona Macintosh are completely unaware of the cataclysmic events overtaking their fathers in the far off colony of Queensland. They have caught each other's eye during an outing to Manly Village. A storm during the ferry trip home is but a small portent of what is to follow.

From this day forward, the Duffys and the Mackintoshes are inextricably linked. Their paths cross in love, death and revenge as both families fight to tame the wild frontier of Australia's north country.

Spanning the middle years of the nineteenth century, Cry of the Curlew is a groundbreaking novel of the dark side of Australia's history. Confronting, erotic, graphic, but above all, a compelling adventure. This is an exceptional new book.

It is a tremendous tale going from the macabre to erotic, but always rich in characters and descriptive language.
Northern Territory News

Undoubtedly, what is hitting the market now is a rousing and revealing yarn that should find its way on to many holiday reading lists.
The Weekend Australian

The book is not easy to put aside, both in the reading of it and the memories than linger...
Bowral Southern Highland News